Workplace Wellbeing

As a Human Resources Manager, I specialised in Health and Wellbeing in the workplace, delivering stress management sessions and supporting individuals to improve their health.

As a yoga teacher, I deliver classes that are focused on your employee’s needs.

Yoga Anytime, Anywhere
Helping you to create a happier healthier workplace

When we are healthy, we are better able to face challenges and give our best in what we undertake.

Employee wellbeing directly impacts on the success of your business. Work related ill health counts for some 28 million working days lost a year in Great Britain. Yoga will help your employees improve their sense of wellbeing, de-stress and unwind and help them cope with depression, anxiety or insomnia.

I offer workplace yoga sessions for your employees, in your place of work.

Workplace yoga programmes have many benefits

Less sick days – yoga revitalises the immune systems and major organs of the body reducing workdays lost through colds, fatigue, etc.

Improved mental wellbeing and a decline in stress related sickness – yogic breathing and stretches help calm the mind and improve mental concentration.

Less back pain and other muscle imbalances – practicing yoga posture supports the body’s natural alignment providing relief from repetitive movements.

The British Wheel of Yoga
Independent Yoga Network