About Karen Sherborne

Hello, I’m Karen. I am a fully qualified yoga teacher working in and around Horwich, Bolton.

I have a deep love of yoga and I am constantly amazed at how much there is to learn. I love to share the benefits of yoga with others; I hope that you’ll start your yoga journey with me soon.

Om Shanti, Karen.

My Yoga Journey

Discovering yoga was a hugely important milestone in my life at a time, when moving into the unknown territory of peri-menopause. Feeling stressed and anxious, practicing yoga helped to me find a place of stillness and calm. The more I practiced, the more relaxed and more grounded I became. Here my yoga journey began.
When I started practicing yoga my aim was to make my poses flawless; a mirror image of those beautiful poses that appear in all the yoga magazines and books. My teachers soon taught me that yoga is practised by releasing and letting go, rather than pushing my body into making a ‘perfect shape’.

All bodies are different and we work with what we were blessed with.

I love being on my mat

Practicing Yoga brings me a wonderful sense of wellbeing; I love being on my mat. My body feels open and stretched, my mind is clear, and I approach my days relaxed yet energised.

Of course, challenges still arise but that clarity and energy allow me to accept and tackle them.

Yoga can be fun, challenging and sometimes frustrating; it is a great system for learning about yourself and what you can achieve.

My Teaching

My teaching style is built upon connecting with the breath. Postures are broken down into easy to follow movements; increasing your flexibility, strengthening your body and calming your mind. We work from a slow warm up to flowing sequences and finishing with a deep relaxation.

You don’t need to be super fit, bendy or able to touch your toes. Come and explore the change yoga can make to your life. Our yoga classes are small, friendly, relaxed and fun.

The Journey Continues

I am constantly amazed at how yoga develops me and how much you can choose to learn (or not).

My journey and learning of yoga and its benefits continue as I deepen my knowledge studying with outstanding teachers including Peter Blackaby, Charlotte Watts, Donna Farhi and Uma Dinsamore-Tuli. Plus, my membership of The British Wheel of Yoga and The Independent Yoga Network keeps me up to date with changes and best practise within the yoga teaching industry.

The British Wheel of Yoga
Independent Yoga Network