Embracing Our Inner Power

Join us on a journey for ‘hot’ women of a certain age

The journey of Menopause can be a bewildering experience.

Just when you think you have got your stuff together

 a great change takes place within our bodies.

These workshops provide a space for you to share a nourishing yoga practice.  The emphasis of the day will be a calm, restful and rejuvenating practice, including yoga nidra, restorative yoga postures and a heart-based meditation that promotes a healthily menopause.  We will explore themes around, crossing the menopausal bridge, hot flushes and night sweats, mood swings and menopause rage, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia, osteoporosis and building good bone and embracing our vitality moving into our second spring.

With lots of time for discussion around common menopausal challenges and possible yogic responses.


Monthly on the first or second Saturday

Each month we will explore a different theme.

No prior yoga experience needed, as you will be carefully guided through the practices

Investment £20.00 per workshop.

Location Rivington One Studio, Horwich