20th November 2021 @ 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
Rivington One Studio (Halbro Sportswear)
Chorley New Road
Karen Sherborne
07955 219426

As a Sleep Recovery Practitioner, taught by Lisa Sanfilippo, this workshop offers tools for everyone whether you are a practicing yogi or never tried it before. This second workshop in this series will delve into putting energy back on the grid.  What do you when you wake up feeling groggy or find that afternoon slump hits you.  How can we replenish our energy without stealing from our sleep.

The 5-step Sleep Recovery method is for anyone who wants to sleep better. It brings your body, energy, mind, emotions- and your deepest wisdom- back into balance repairing your ability to rest deeply.

If you’re not sleeping as well as you’d like, come and explore simple, effective practices- backed by research and rationale from yoga, neuroscience and psychology.

  • Delve into what sabotages your rest and sleep
  • Simple yoga postures to release tension from the body and settle you for a good nights sleep.
  • Restorative postures and mindfulness to give you energy through the day.

Learn to stop fighting nature (the cycles of day and night), and stop fighting the nature of your own sleep using traditional methods updated to work with our day to day lives, and to slowly change how we approach or days so that we reverse years of poor sleep, or stop burnout and chronic sleeplessness before it sets in.

No previous Yoga experience needed.  Each More Restful Sleep Workshop will build on the tools learnt in previous modules, or a standalone workshop.



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